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Montclair Care Share”  is a digital platform designed
to connect neighbors and encourage favors
 by providing community members with a set of smart tools designed to facilitate child care, pet care, house care and other needs. 

 When this expanding MCS circle of friends and neighbors have more money and time, they can spend it at local businesses.
Win. Win.”

Our sponsors

Three types of sponsorships:

Location Sponsor

Host MCS meet-ups and your business logo will be added to the MCS website and advertising materials for events.**

Financial Affiliate Sponsor

Contribute any $250 increment and your business logo will be added to the MCS website, advertising materials for events, and you will be gifted a donor membership.**

Location + Financial Premier Sponsor

Advantages of GENIAL and SWEET plus: your logo will be displayed prominently on forthcoming MCS merchandise as well as press exposure opportunities.**

*(plus a tax write-off)

* A complete list of sponsor benefits proportionate to donation size will be available upon request.

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